with your creativ talent

CREATIV provides you with free tools to build your own, easy to use portal.
You become a part of showcasing china to the world when you create your custom portal.

The CREATIV platform has a drag and drop design system which allows you to customize the layout of your portal to showcase to the world with a built in creative network.

Great For Mobile

Your portal is 100% mobile friendly. No need to worry about screen size standards.

Easy To Setup

If you can upload, drag and drop then you can create an amazing custom portal. No coding required.


Easily import your photos, videos and music from other social networks or your computer.


Easily get all of your content such as blogs and photos indexed by Google. Our portals are SEO friendly.

Be Discovered

All content uploaded within CREATIV is added and can be seen by our online global CREATIV community.


Simply select colors, sizes and style options to customize each module.

Take a look at some of creativ's great features!

here is a quick list of modules within our portal platform.

  • Social feeds and buttons.
  • Photo showcase modules.
  • Powerful photo editor.
  • Video import and display modules.
  • Music import and player modules.
  • Blog post modules.
  • Prebuilt templates.